How To Prepare To Self-Publish

How To Prepare To Self-Publish

Write. Edit. Publish. Repeat.

Are you frustrated that you have been writing but have not yet figured out how to become an author? Anyone could take the chance and opportunity to successfully author a book. In some cases, non-writers can also produce and sell some of the best works our nation has ever seen. Do you want to give it a shot? It may not be an easy task, but you could always try.

Self-publishing is the practice where a writer or author decides to publish his or her own book. In this case, the author opts not to use third-party publishers and resources. To most beginners, this could be exhilarating, but it is also risky because all costs would have to be shouldered by the author. There is also no guarantee that readers would be persuaded to buy and read the book, which could result in losing capital.

Some writers simply get into self-publishing to satisfy their dreams of becoming authors. To most, losing money is commensurate to the satisfaction of seeing their books make it to the bookstores. However, given the proper guidance and effective marketing schemes, self-published books could instantly sell like hotcakes.

Develop an idea that serves as the subject or focus of your book. You could always talk about your own experiences or your own expertise. However, if you aim to self-publish to earn revenues and profits, you should start by considering a fiction work.

Do simple and practical research about topics most readers would be interested in. Analyze the current book market. The most controversial and interesting subjects might already be discussed in several books. As a beginner, you may want to stay away from fierce competition. There is nothing wrong with accepting that books by more experienced writers on the same subject could truly be better than your own.

How do you get the attention of your readers? Aside from focusing on interesting subjects, you could focus your energy on creating an impressive marketing campaign for your book. But before you go that far, finalize your manuscript.

Try to condition your mind that you are after sales, not shallow fame. If you make good sales, you can achieve both, so dream of reaching for the stars! You could strategically write books that your target audience or readers find most valuable.

Pay close attention to the quality of what you produce. One of the main challenges of self-publishing is that you are left to edit and critique your own work; hire a professional. Lastly, don’t place an astronomical price tag on your product. The more affordable it is, the better your chance of making the sale.