7 Journaling Prompts for Writers

journaling prompts for writers

Many writers have struggled at some point with writer’s block. Even the most seasoned writers will experience some type of creative block from time to time. The key to overcoming writer’s block is simple – just keep writing. Of course, that’s always easier said than done. So, how do you keep writing when the words refuse to flow? Well, you use writing prompts to build a daily writing habit.

Journaling for Writers

Incorporating writing into your daily routine is one of the most effective ways to keep writer’s block at bay. Think of writing as a muscle. The more you exercise and weight train, the stronger the muscle becomes. The more you write – the easier it becomes and the faster it is to put words on a page. You want to make writing a daily habit.

Writing daily doesn’t mean you must work on your next manuscript or project. Making writing a daily habit is as simple as writing a few lines in your journal or diary. Journaling is one of the easiest ways for you to incorporate writing into your daily routine. The fact is, there’s always something to write about.

If you suffer from writer’s block, journaling prompts can work to get those creative juices flowing, even if they are on a totally unrelated topic to your current work-in-progress. With journal writing prompts, the possibilities are endless.

7 Journaling Prompts for Writers

  1. Talk about all aspects [positive/negative] of a trending controversial topic.
  2. The best book I’ve ever read/written….
  3. One time, I was scrolling on social media and….
  4. Describe an event you’re looking forward to attend. Why?
  5. What do you love/hate most about where you live?
  6. What would your life be like if you achieved your ultimate goal?
  7. Look out the nearest window and describe the scene. What happens next?


Using journaling prompts is the easiest way for you to make writing a daily habit. The journaling prompts above were curated specifically to get those creative juices flowing. If you’re a writer trying to find the right words, sometimes taking a step away is the best thing to do. Grab a notebook and pen and use one of the journaling prompts for writers listed above to get out of your head and back into the writing zone.