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About the Editor

Adrienne Horn, a native resident of Miami, Florida, is a young energetic community leader whose primary focus is perfecting literary projects that will positively impact the lives of those who have an enthusiasm for reading.

As a teenager, she developed a love for words and expressed her thoughts through poetry. Although she majored in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Florida A&M University, she never lost her passion for reading and revision.

Upon graduating, Adrienne embarked on a journey that would allow her to make a positive impact within the literary world. Starting with her poetic circle, she began offering her services to those who were unable to secure an affordable editor for their projects.

Fueled by her desire to make her mark as an independent editor in a corporate-driven industry Adrienne decided to transition her experience by forming her own editing business.

While Adrienne continues to serve the nation in the capacity of a pharmacist, her heart is deeply committed to making the literary world a better place one successfully edited project at a time.


freelance manuscript editor