The safest place for all your words

The Writer's Haven

Every writer has a favorite notebook or journal. The Writer’s Haven Journal Collection was designed with every writer in mind. With high-quality, lined paper and beautiful hardback covers, these spiral bound notebooks are perfect for every writer. 

These 5X7, spiral notebooks are perfect for:

  • Affirmations
  • Morning Pages
  • To-do Lists
  • Manuscript Outlines


The Writer's Haven



Find the perfect gift for the "Journal Junkie" in your life!

The Writer's Haven

Writing Journals

HOT-SELLING Writing journal

I'm a Natural

The perfect journal for natural divas and afrolistas.

Writing journal

Coffee Wrote These Chapters

The journal for writers fueled by coffee and their thoughts. 

Writing journal

Write. Edit. Publish. Repeat!

The journal for the writer who needs a little creativity boost. 

Writing journal

Beauty Redefined

The journal for those inspired by nature and it’s beauty.

BEST-SELLING Writing journal

I Can't Write Without My Glasses

The perfect journal for writers and wine lovers.

the safest place for all your words

The Writer's Haven

Adrienne Michelle Horn

Executive Editor