5 Things to Consider When Looking for Ghostwriting Gigs

looking for ghostwriting gigs

There are a number of ways to find good ghostwriter gigs online. It’s really just a question of how long you wish the content to be, what topics you want to write about, and how much money you want to earn.

  • Length of Content

The length of content will determine how much work needs to be done and how much a ghostwriter can expect to be paid. The most common projects advertised include:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Sales copy
  • Non-fiction books
  • Fiction books (occasionally)

The longer the content, the higher the pay in most cases. Some will pay by the word, but then there are other clients who will be willing to factor in things like conducting research, formatting the book, and so on. However, writing is the most important aspect of what a ghostwriter does, but if you can offer these kinds of added extras as well, you can make maximize your profits.

  • The Topics You Want to Write About

When you are first starting out, chances are you will end up writing about a wide variety of topics. However, over time you will most likely start to specialize in certain topics, such as finance, self-help or health. This will help you make the most of the research you will often have to do in order to complete a project. You will soon find a number of reliable websites you can refer to over and over again as you take on new assignments.

Keep an updated list of URLs so you can turn around your projects faster, boosting your per-hour income.

  • How Much Money You Want to Earn

Some people begin ghostwriting to have access to another stream of income. Others aspire to be a full-time writer, which means being very organized and efficient. It is a juggling act between getting new projects and working on the ones you have been hired for. If you are the type of person who procrastinates or has trouble managing their time, this could seriously limit the amount of money you can earn.

  • Where to Look for Gigs

Freelance marketplaces are the easiest places to get gigs. It is just a question of how much you will get paid. Here are a few for you to do your research on:

  1. Fiverr, as the name suggests, is a site where freelancers are paid $5 in a lot of cases for short projects. This will usually represent one article of 250 to 500 words. If you want to charge more, your samples should show you have something special to offer.
  2. Upwork is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces (and also my favorite). It will take time to go through all of the jobs listed, but it is worth it. Although, they take a percentage of what you earn from each gig, ranging from 5% to 20%, you can price your project to ensure you are still paid your worth.  
  3. Guru is a popular technology-related site that has also opened up to writing gigs. Check them out if this is your niche.  
  4. Freelancer.com is an easy-to-use site you can connect to via your Facebook account.
  5. For my international readers, PeoplePerHour.com is a UK-based company with a wide variety of freelance gigs.
  6. Toptal.com, which stands for Top Talent, claims they are an exclusive site with the best freelancers. Most of the subjects are related to website design, but you might be able to find clients looking for content as well.
  • Buying Credits

At some freelance marketplaces, you need to pay credits to apply for the jobs. You buy the credits in bulk. If you are not strategic about the posts you are applying for, you could waste a lot of money chasing jobs that are either not suitable, or never awarded.

No matter which site you use, always read the fine print and contact the site if you suspect anything might not be totally legitimate.

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Adrienne Michelle Horn is the owner of I A.M. Editing, Ink. Although she has a full-time professional career in healthcare, she is also a South Florida-based editor, poet, author, entrepreneur, and mother of her beautiful daughter, Paris.

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