How To Earn Thousands Monthly in Self-Publishing

how to earn money self-publishing

Due to our current struggling economy coupled with dissatisfaction with the terms of traditional publishers, authors have decided to start self-publish their books. Before you enter the world of self-publishing, you must decide if you are writing to make a profit or if you are writing because you enjoy it. Truthfully, it may be a little of both. If you want to earn thousands a month from your book, here’s how: 

How to Earn Money Self-Publishing

  1. First, you have to write a book on a particular topic that will be useful to any reader. If you are writing fiction, you must ensure that your storyline and characters will be relevant and relatable, respectively. 
  2. Next, you must identify your target audience. Are you writing for toddlers, teens, or adults? Who do you think is your immediate target audience? Are they professionals, paraprofessionals, or everyday people? You must know your target audience as well as you know yourself. 
  3. Then, you have to decide what genre you will publish in and who you will publish with. Pay special attention to the distribution options for the various publishing platforms. If you are unfamiliar with which ones are available, you can begin your research by comparing Amazon, BookBaby, Smashwords, IngramSpark, and Lulu.
  4. Make sure that you price your book correctly. Every book should not be $0.99, just as every book should not be over $20. You have to quantify the value of the information you give your readers. A smaller non-fiction book may be worth more than a longer fiction book. Do research on how much books in your genre are going for. You should do your best to make the book as affordable as possible, ensuring you’ll make a profit once you start moving units.
  5. Don’t think about the royalties until after you publish. Once you have created a great book and set aside time to create an effective marketing plan, you can start monitoring your sales. 

When engaging in the self-publishing industry, it is possible for you not to see a return on your investment. But if you remain positive and consistent, you can see thousands per month in royalties. 

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