5 Tips On How To Cope With Online Criticism

Can You Handle the Truth?

In an earlier blog post, I shared with you that even the best writers will receive bad reviews at least once during their careers. But is it truly a bad thing if someone is simply telling the truth? I will admit that sometimes, readers (or people who have not actually read the book at all) use their first amendment rights to attack the author for no valid reasons. However, there are others who will offer criticism that will help you grow as an author.

You should expect to receive some sort of criticism once you have published a book. Everyone will not like what you have written or appreciate the art that you have created. Some will keep those opinions to themselves; others will take it too far by insulting you and your craft. It has happened to many of my author friends, and I want to ensure you are prepared to deal with it when it occurs. 

  1. Don’t take it personal. 

You have to remember that everyone may not be as tactful as you are when you express your opinions. However, they are still entitled to one. The moment you published your book, you opened the door to be both praised and criticized. Everyone will not be a fan of your work, and that is okay! There are others who love what you do and will support you to the end. 

  1. Refrain from getting into social media wars with reviewers. 

You must remain professional at all times. Sometimes people say things that make you want to “give them a piece of your mind.” You shouldn’t do that, though. People are always watching you. You are a brand, and you must protect your brand. 

  1. Beware of those seeking attention. 

You have “trolls” who will say extremely negative things just to see if they can throw you off course. They don’t care about your book. Matter of fact, they probably haven’t even read it. Their sole goal is to distract you. Please don’t give them the satisfaction.

  1. Ignore the attacks; review the critiques. 

I’m going to say it until you get it. Shake off the insults! Read what is said, though. You can often find treasure in the trash. There may be some truth in those bad reviews that may make you a stronger author. 

  1. Don’t stop writing.

It is extremely important that you continue to write even when people say things that may make you want to quit. Learning how to cope with criticism comes with the job. Take what can help and toss the rest. You have another story to write, and most of us can’t wait to read it! 

Someone may leave a negative comment on what I’ve written about today. I’ve already made up in my mind that I am going to be okay with it. I understand that this blog won’t be liked or accepted by everyone. I know that I may even unintentionally offend people with my opinions about editing and publishing. However, my focus is on my fans and my support team. Shift your focus and continue to develop your craft despite what others may say. 

Adrienne Michelle Horn is the owner of I A.M. Editing, Ink. Although she has a full-time professional career in healthcare, she is also a South Florida-based editor, poet, author, entrepreneur, and mother of her beautiful daughter, Paris.

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